Nonlocal: exam-level questions

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Code-Writing questions

Question 1

Implement a function make_sassy_function which takes a function f and returns a modified version of f: the new function should only work every other function call. The other half of the time, it should return a rude message.

def make_sassy_function(f, msg):
    """Returns a version of f that only works every other function

    >>> f = lambda x: x**2
    >>> sassy_f = make_sassy_function(f, 'Um, excuse me?')
    >>> sassy_f(4)
    >>> sassy_f(5)
    'Um, excuse me?'
    >>> sassy_f(6)
    >>> g = lambda x, y: x*y
    >>> sassy_g = make_sassy_function(g, "Ain't nobody got time for that!")
    >>> sassy_g(1, 2)
    >>> sassy_g(5, 4)
    "Ain't nobody got time for that!"
def make_sassy_function(f, msg):
    sassy = True
    def sassy_f(*args):
        nonlocal sassy
        sassy = not sassy
        if sassy:
            return msg
        return f(*args)
    return sassy_f

Question 2

Implement a function sentence_buffer which returns another one-argument function. This function will take in a word at a time, and it saves all the words that it has seen so far. If takes in a word that ends in a period ("."), that denotes the end of a sentence, and the function returns all the words in the sentence. It will also clear its memory, so that it no longer remembers any words.

def sentence_buffer():
    """Returns a function that will return entire sentences when it
    receives a string that ends in a period.

    >>> buffer = sentence_buffer()
    >>> buffer("This")
    >>> buffer("is")
    >>> buffer("Spot.")
    'This is Spot.'
    >>> buffer("See")
    >>> buffer("Spot")
    >>> buffer("run.")
    'See Spot run.'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
def sentence_buffer():
    sentence = ''
    def buffer(word):
        nonlocal sentence
        sentence += word + ' '
        if word[-1] == '.':
            result, sentence = sentence, ''
            return result.strip()
    return buffer